A dog trainer gently feeding a treat to a dog

Jennifer has been training dogs since 2010. She holds a Certificate in Canine Behavior Consulting from The International College of Canine Studies and has just moved her business to Pasadena, CA. She is also a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. In her effort to better assist the human/canine relationship, she has studied not only dog behavior but ethics, logic, the scientific method, operant and classical conditioning, applied behavior analysis, canine anatomy and physiology, comparative psychology, human psychological dynamics, learning theory, and the origins of the domesticated dog.

She also holds a BFA in Communication Arts from the University of Montevallo.

In her own words...

"Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed taking care of and being around animals. Our home was full of dogs, cats, and the occasional bird or guinea pig. I even became vegetarian because of my empathy towards animals and I love trying to bridge the communication gap with them.


In 2008, I decided that I wanted to go into the business of helping animals.  I'm good at anticipating their behavior and picking out the underlying problems that cause them to be aggressive, fearful, or anxious. I also believe in constant education. I take courses in behavioral issues and do my own research on a variety of pet topics to look for the most efficient and loving way to help pets for the better.


Our pets bring so much joy into our lives. They are a refuge from our stressful work day. When we grieve, they comfort us. They are constantly doing outrageously silly things which make us laugh! They remind us of our own humanity. There are countless ways in which our dogs add love to our existence, but when they have behavioral issues, it can cause us to experience irritation, anxiety, and even fear. My goal is to bring back the natural balance between owner and pet. I want to heal whatever is causing strife in the bond between you and your dog so that the quality of both of your lives is the greatest it can be!"


(Love For Paws works with dog training clients throughout the Los Angeles area. We use gentle methods backed by science.)

A happy dog trainer training a Pit Bull at night

Jennifer Damon