Love For Paws

Services and Rates

Training By Video

(Skype, Zoom, or Facetime)

60 min session = $115

We will help you and your dog with any of the behavioral issues listed below in our regular in-person sessions. And if Skype or Zoom is new to you, we will happily help you troubleshoot any technical problems if necessary before we get started.

Training By Phone

20 min session = $45

60 min session = $95

Some people would rather not be on video and we understand that. The 20 minute consult is more suited for issues like potty training, leash manners and follow ups. The 60 minute consult works better for anxiety, aggression, and multiple issues in the same home. If you're unsure which service is right for your needs, please email us and we can find the right fit for your dog's issues and your budget.

E-mail Support

1 month = $45

This service works well if you have a lot of follow up questions to a previous consult or if you just need a little guidance for awhile to help get you and your dog on track. We will answer most questions by email within 24hrs.



In-home Dog Training  $150/session

These sessions are done in your home or at the location of the problem. We use a wide range of non-harmful methods to achieve changes in behavior in accordance with the LIMA code. Each session is tailored to the unique needs of you and your dogs.


Issues and problem behaviors that we help with:

dog aggression

human aggression

fearful aggression

territorial behavior

separation anxiety

generalized anxiety

potty training


chewing furniture

leash reactivity

*Please note: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will only be scheduling remote sessions at this time.







A little dog looking happily up at his trainer

We work with all dog breeds.

We handle a variety of dog training issues.

We use gentle methods.

Call or email us to set up your consult today.

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