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Dog Training Services and Rates

Here are some of the problem behaviors that we can help you and your dog with...

  • Leash reactivity/aggression (growling, lunging, snapping while on leash)

  • Aggression in the home

  • Generalized Anxiety

  • Separation Anxiety (your dog only acts out while you're away)

  • Destructive behaviors (unwanted chewing and peeing)

  • Fearful behavior

  • Resource guarding (toys, food, beds, etc)

  • Potty training

  • Getting along with human or doggie housemates

  • Teaching your children how to act around dogs and engaging their help in the training process.

  • Riding in the car

  • Puppy training!

An aggressive dog with bared teeth
A small scared dog

**We also teach "dog language" to both adults and children. Dog language is how your dog is communicating with you using his/her body language. Learning what your dog is communicating gives you a greater understanding of their behavior and allows for a safer and happier relationship with your pet. It also greatly enhances your dog training.

In-Home and Remote Dog Training Options

In-Home Dog Training

These dog training sessions are done in the comfort of your own home so we can directly address the problem behaviors where they occur. Before our session, I will send you a behavior questionnaire to fill out so that I can learn more about your unique dog. When I arrive, we will sit down and chat for a few minutes to discuss your issues and let your dog get to know me. Then, I will explain our plan of action and we will jump into teaching you and your dog new skills!

After every session, you will receive a written summary via email of what we covered and what skills to continue working on until our next session. The number of sessions needed is individual for every dog.

Remote Dog Training

These sessions follow the same schedule as in-home dog training. The only difference is they are conducted via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone. These sessions work well for people with very busy schedules who need to squeeze a training session in on a lunch break or evening and they are an excellent option for follow-ups or occasional training tune-ups.

Jennifer Damon and her client, River

Dog Trainer, Jennifer Damon working with her client, Mr. River

Our In-Home Training Package Deals:

3 sessions for $130 each

6 sessions for $125 each

9 sessions for $120 each

Please note: The number of sessions needed is always unique to your dog and your situation. It is dependent on the type and severity of issues being addressed, how many behaviors you would like to change, and the time you have to dedicate to the matter.

For ex: A puppy who has issues with jumping on people and countersurfing requires less training than a dog with a 6yr history of separation anxiety and leash reactivity.

A beagle on a leash looks up at their owner

*If you'd like more information on dog training, behavior, or care, please take a look at our blog or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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