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wikiHow Articles

In 2021, the lovely people at wikiHow asked Jennifer Damon to be one of their Experts on dog training and behavior.  Click on the titles below to see her recent contributions as co-author.

Choosing The Right Dog For You

A beagle and a bulldog on leash

It's important to choose a dog that fits your lifestyle and living situation. Being a good match for your dog ensures that she will be healthy physically and mentally. 

Health and Safety

An adult dog at the veterinarian.

Several specific articles on canine health, how to keep your dog safe and other care.

A woman carrying a Pomeranian on her back.

Fun things to do with your dog.


A man holding a large aggressive dog on leash. dog

Several specific articles on dog behavior. For more behavior articles, please head over to my blog.

Identifying Dog Breeds

A brown poodle.

How to identify certain breeds of dog.

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