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Dog Days of Summer: Part 1

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

A white dog pants sits on a car seat panting.
Andy sits on my car seat panting.

After some pointed nudging from friends and clients, I thought it was about time that I dip a quivering toe into the blogosphere. Now seems like the perfect moment as we are gliding into summer. This season is a great opportunity to spend lots of time with our pets. We take them to the dog park, the beach, and for midnight strolls. Sitting at the traffic light today, I was surrounded on all sides by cars with furry snouts poking out of the window. This got me thinking about summer tips for dogs.

One thing that many people forget about is just how hot the pavement can be for paws. Dogs can actually get their feet scorched on really hot days. When I'm walking, I try to keep them on the grass as much as possible and don't let them linger too long on the concrete. It's also not uncommon for dogs to get overheated. Breeds with short snouts (Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, etc) are the most prone. To cool these pups off, bring a bottle of water and pour it over his chest and neck after about 20 minutes out in the heat. These guys shouldn't really be out more than half an hour in triple digit weather. If you are going out for 45 minutes or more (with your long-snouted dog) and the weather is what you would consider hot, bring a collapsable water dish with you and make sure your little friend gets a drink as well. You can find these at most pet stores. Remember, if you are getting thirsty then your furry companion is too.

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