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Spotlight on Pet Photographer, Jeff Smith

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Jennifer Damon holds a cat in her arms by a window.
Jennifer Damon holds her cat, Claudia in her arms by a window.

A beautiful green-eyed cat sitting on a carpet.
Claudia, the beautiful green-eyed Calico cat.

A Calico cat sits on a persian rug.
Claudia in all her Calico glory.

A woman lays on a bed gazing at her cat.
Jennifer Damon looks lovingly at her cat, Claudia.

I had a photo shoot this afternoon with pet photographer, Jeff Smith. Starting out in headshots and artistic photographs, he has recently turned his lens to portraits of people and their pets. I love his work because it is much more candid and beautiful than your average Olan-Mills-style portrait. Now you can finally feast your eyes on Ms. Claudia. I think you'll agree he did a fantastic job.

*If you are interested in photos of your furry friend, you can contact Jeff at 323-461-4577 for pricing and scheduling information or head to his Facebook page:

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