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Updated: Jun 25, 2023

A white cat with a brown face flexes her whiskers.
A white cat with a brown face flexes her whiskers.

Your cat has around 24 whiskers on her cheeks and even more above her eyes and on the backs of her legs. Apart from being simply adorable, these little hairs are very essential for your feline. Also known as vibrissae, whiskers pick up vibrations in the air currents around them. That's why felines are so adept at moving around at night. As they wander through your home, the air currents around furniture and heavy objects change slightly. This allows even blind cats to have a good sense of direction. They are also important for measuring space. The length of the whiskers from tip to tip is roughly the same width as the body. That's why you see kitty poking her head into tight spaces first. She's measuring to see if she'll fit. These little antennae are also good for judging your cat's mood. If she's angry or scared, the whiskers will be pulled back. If she's happy, curious, or her normal haughty self, they will be pushed forward in all their glory.

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